Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunshine and Fairy Dust.

Just a quick outfit/work/inspiration/school-post for you guys. Haha long time no see, right? I'm so sorry about that, but my life has been so hectic these past few weeks. Long story short - I'm flying to portugal next week, to take part in Euroskills competition, where I'm going to be the graphic designer for estonias crossmedia publishing team. So I've been preparing for this event night and day! It's pretty much like the Olympics of graphic design.. so yeah - muy importante!
I've also been working my tiny-hiny off to prepare some new pieces for an art exhibition that me and my classmates as this years graduates are oganizing. The opening will be on december second, so hopefully I'll be able to finish my work by then.
Anyway here are some photographs for you guys - hope you like'em and be sure to tell me what you think :)

What I've really been loving this month are these metallic fabrics that have this subtle gillter effect - I think it's really gorgeous and wintery,  besides when the sunlight hits - your gonna sparkle like a disco ball. You can't really tell, but both my cardigan and skirt are like that, oh and my hat has sequins - ssshiny. You can also find this look on Lookbook HERE. Enjoy!

Art school nerds!

Coffee break!

No rest for the wicked!

(I used Canon EOS 400D and 50mm lens for the pictures)
Ladytron - Destroy everything you touch.

Monday, November 8, 2010

And i fall on my knees, tell me how's the way to be.

I really feel that again.. I need to apologize for the lack of post lately, I would gladly explain what is taking up all my time, but it would take too much time and energy - and I'm tired, so I promise that I will tell you all about it in the next post :) But I went to the Natural History museum this weekend and had a really nice time. I remember going there with my family when I was really little.. so it brought up a lot of lovely memories. I literally took about 2000 photographs so I'm sharing just a fraction of them with you guys.
The gorgeous dress I'm wearing is a gift from MissPatina - which is a London brand created by young designers. They make such exquisite vintage inspired clothing that it seriously takes my breath away. The bag is from a brand called La Pallete (Cilck here). It's another styling challenge form a korean fashion site But this time it really wasn't a challenge, because the bag goes with pretty much everything I own and was really easy to incorporate into my wardrobe. I just wish that it was a bit bigger so I could wear it to school, but overall - 5 stars. I designed and made the rings I'm wearing (I'll tell you all about them in my next post), scarf is from Reserved and boots are from NewYorker. You can aslo find this on lookbook HERE. Huh, I hope the text wasn't too long and boring, I'll just go ahead and let you enjoy the pictures now, be sure to tell me what you think, you know how much I appreciate all your lovely comments! :)

( I used CanonEOS 400D and 50mm lens for the pictures)
Lissie Feat. Ellie Goulding - Everywhere I Go