Monday, April 26, 2010

It's only just a crush, it'll go away,

Huuh, esimene riigieksam tehtud. äöäöäö. See oli jube, aga hakkama sain. Uhu. Ma ei saa endiselt üle - "Oo sport, sa oled raha!" ja mitte midagi kunstist ega loodusest, wtf !
But anyway.. I was just testing out my new Canon controller and it works wonderfully. Success!

( I used CanonEOS 400D, 50mm lens, Canon remote controller RC-1 and PhotoshopCS3 for the pictures)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ten days of perfect tunes,

I was planning on posting these pictures a while back, but then something happened that really caught me off guard. I discovered a fake facebook account on my name. And this wasn't just someone using my pictures, this was someone using my name and my identity. This person was actually claiming to be me, and since I don't own an active facebook account it was was very difficult to prove that it was just some retard impersonating me. Even some of my friends thought it was me. But .. i mean.. really ?
But enough about that, here's some eyecandy for you all to enjoy. Took these on monday. It was nice and sunny.. and oh so warm. I also got some books from the library - oh yay ! Exams are coming up and i neee-nee-neeeed to study.

( I used CanonEOS 400D, 50mm lens, Photoshop CS3, tripod and Annu for the pictures )

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why so blooo ?!

Just a lazy afternoon. Blowing bubbles in the kitchen and drinking coffee with friends. Oh and if you were wondering.. Bloo is my favorite character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. If you haven't seen the cartoon yet, god forbid, go watch it right now ! It's brilliant ! :)

( I used Canon EOS400D, 50mm lens and PhotoshopCS3 )

This is such a lovely cover of Joy Division-Love will tear us apart, ah.. I love it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

And you shake and you bleed while I sing my song.

I really like this cape my mum made, it's perfect for spring. I actually never thought that anything like this could be even remotely wearable. But hey, I was wrong. It's warm and cosy and I'm thinking of trying to make one myself. And if i do, there's going to be a tutorial as well. So wish me luck !

(Canon EOS400D, 50mm lens, photoshopCS3)