Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pursuit of happiness.

Oh my, time really flies, huh? I have to admit it's been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Long story short - a few weeks back I found myself in kind of a homeless situation, which living alone overseas is pretty scary. Yet the downhill spiral didn't stop there and escalated into loads of more unpleasantness. Which would explains the lack of posts. But I'm not the one to dwell on the negative for too long. And I guess the only thing I can take away from this situation is the fact that when push comes to shove I can be one tough cookie. So it's all good. Now I feel bad about starting this post off with such a negative undertone. However those of you who keep an eye on my little Facebook corner of the world, know that Iceland has been nothing but lovely. We've had our first snow day and I've visited some goooorgeous places, seen the Northern Lights paint the sky in a million colors and as a little fashion treat we were able to meet Francisco Costa the Creative Director of Calvin Klein. Oh, and I keep forgetting that it was my birthday last week ..which of course I spent doing homework and my laundry like a wild child that I am, haha. Who would have thought that I would be celebrating the big 23 in Iceland. Lovely, just lovely. So here's tiny selection of photographs, hope you like them and be sure to tell me what you think :)

Jeerum, kuidas aeg lendab. Tuleb tunnistada, et on olnud üks paras tõusude ja mõõnade segapuder. Paar nädalat tagasi leidsin ennast tiba kodutust situatsioonist, mis üksi välismaal elades on üpris hirmus väljavaade. Ja no muidugi sellega asi ei piirdunud ja sain ikka kogu raha eest allakäigutreppide betooni maitsta, mis selgitab ka mu blogi nälginud olekut. Aga kuna tüütud olmeprobleemid on tüütud, siis ei kavatse ma sellel teemal pikemalt peatuda. Ja kui üldse siit olukorrast midagi endaga kaasa võtta, siis võibolla teadmine, et kui vaja, siis võin ikka üks mõõdukalt kõva küpsis olla. Ja et nüüd kuidagi heastada seda, et ma oma esimest postitust üle pika aja nii koleda negatiivse alatooniga alustasin, siis mainiks ikka ära, et tegelikult on kõik väga hästi. Need, kes mu tagasihoidlikel tegemistel ka facebookis silma peal hoiavad, teavad, et Island on üks parajalt pai kiisu ja vahepeal igasugu toredustega hakkama saanud. Küll tuli esimene lumi maha, külastasin maailmailusaid paiku, jäin pilve sisse kinni ja tagatipuks maalisid virmalised ka veel taevasse disko. Üldse palju-palju imelisi esimesi. Ja nagu kirss tordil avanes meil moetudengitel võimalus ka Calvin Kleini loovjuhi Francisco Costaga kohtuda, kes meile elust, olust, inspiratsioonist ja kõigest muust toredast jutustas. Haha ja mul läheb koguaeg meelest, et vahepeal oli mul ju sünnipäev ka veel. Ning kuna mulle meeldib ilmselgelt metsikult elada, siis veetsin selle kodus koolitööd tehes ja pesu pestes. Vot, aga nüüd lasen teid pilte uudistama. Loodan, et meeldivad ja nagu ikka - olge tublid mu hiirekesed :)

(I used CanonEOS 600D and 50mm lens for the photographs)
(shorts from, sweater H&M, boots from NS king)
Bastille - Flaws / Acoustic


  1. You take the most wonderful photographs :) Pls post more of these <3

  2. I've always admired your photos are clean, beautiful, and I could look at these pictures without end.

  3. Life would be very boring without ups and downs.
    The best part of sad or difficult situations is the ending of it, when you look back and realize that you are finally really happy again. My experiences over the last weeks show nearly the same: At the moment I couldn't feel better or more pleased.

    But I don't understand why it was so scary for you to live alone. Loads of people told me that they would become bored, sad and torpid by living alone in a flat. Right now, I prefer living alone in my flat, because I can turn the world off, relax and focus on myself.

    Nevertheless, Iceland seems to be very exciting for you, that's why I'm really for you right now. In addition, your pictures of this breathtaking natural scenery let me drift away. As a last point, your portraits are really pretty, since they are simple and show your natural beauty.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much Matthias! Living alone is fabulous, I've been living alone for the past three years, and I love it, the scary part was to learn that I needed to move out and had only two days to find a new place to live, which in Reykjavik is next to impossible. So in the end I was literally on the street with my bags with nowhere to go, no friends or family. Now that was scary. Haha. But desperate situations make people very resourceful, so I think it was a great life lesson. :)

    2. Wow, that sounds creepy! Where did you end up, dear Kerti? How did you find a new place to stay?
      Love your blog,

  4. gorgeous post and love the pics. <3

  5. Glad to hear you've overcome your troubles! Hope things head up for you. Iceland certainly sounds lovely; I want to see the Northern Lights from there too someday. Beautiful photos as usual; oh, and happy belated birthday [:

  6. Welcome back :-). I missed your posts. I'm very sorry that you had to go through all that, but I'm glad that you sorted it out successfully. I had my share of mean people these past few months and what I learned was the fact that being nice doesn't work most of the time, so ypu have to fight for yourself.
    On to happier topics - I loved the photos. You have a unique way of capturing and edditing them. I only wish your posts were a bit longer - the text part.

    P.S. I wish you (a bit late) happy birthday :-)

  7. Ilus postitus pühapäeva hommikusse!
    Elan sinu tegemistele väga kaasa, ikka jõudu sulle :)

    *Ma pole märganud giveaway võitjate teatamist, kas need on välja loositud? :)

    Õnnelembese päevaraamatu autor,
    Egelt Põhjala

  8. If it does'nt kill you it makes you stronger.
    I am not certain it's true, but I hope in your case it is :)
    Glad to hear from you again, I love your post!

  9. Oh my gosh, I love the nature photographs!! Hope you are doing much better done, sad to hear about the insidents!

  10. Tõepoolest on jube, kui kaugel kodunt eemal hakkab miskit viltu kiskuma! See on üks mu suurimaid hirme olnud välismaal elades ning sellistel hetkedel igatseb pere ja sõpru veelgi enam.. Aga mingil määral usun, et just meie haavatavus, mis nõnda eriti ilmsiks tuleb, sunnib meid tegutsema ning lahendusi otsima ning muudab meid vaid tugevamaks! Loomulikult ei ole tore, if you gotta learn it the hard way, aga ega ükski kogemus mööda külgi maha ei jookse ning on rõõm kuulda, et kõik su jaoks hästi lahenes ning rõõmustasid oma lugejaid vahva postitusega :)

  11. I'm glad your back and everything is turning to its positive sides now gorgeous!
    Wonderful and lovely post as always. Iceland looks great.
    And I'm jealous -- I also want to have snow! ;D
    Wish you the best with lot of positiv energy ♥

  12. Well, every little thing is going to be just all right. Keep your head & heart strong <3

    p.s. I fell in love with every single photo. Again. :) xx

  13. beautiful pictures


    Coline ♡

  14. Iceland looks beautiful with all the snow! I want to return so badly!

  15. so lovely photos ! i just fall in love with the mood of the pics

  16. I really love your Blog and the mood of your pictures!
    how did you edit the one with the overlay?
    lovely greetings <3

  17. I'm sorry to know that the reason behind your absence was because you were going through a difficult time, but I'm glad that's over now. I missed your stunning photos! Glad you're back! These pictures are beautiful and inspiring as always! ♡ :-)

  18. Gorgeous photos! (:

  19. WOW WOW WOW!
    really wonderful pictures!!!


  20. I am so in love with your blog and your pictures <3

  21. Oh my, I am smitten with these photos! So beautifully nostalgic. Iceland sure has plenty of potential when it comes to seek inspiration.

  22. i always love your photo's they're so inspiring and enchanting, i love them <3
    xx ish

  23. Amazing photos, oh i'm so jealous of you, iceland is such a gorgeous country!

  24. wow! u r sooooo beautiful!!! I really hope everything will be great with u in new place. Iceland is amazing!

  25. Sorry to hear about you being homeless but you got out of it and you know how to deal with the worst now, like you said, you know you're a tough cookie ;P Such beautiful photos, I've always wanted to visit Iceland and this post is making me want to go even more... <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  26. Tere, Kerti!
    Sinu uus postitus oli imeline ja mulle meeldis see väga.
    Hoopistükkis tahaksin ma teada, kuidas Sinuga ühendust võtta? Kirjutasin Su meilile, aga vastust pole olla. Kindlasti napib Sul aega, aga kas Su meiliaadress, mis Sul on kirjelduses kirjas, veel kehtib ja ega pole Sa hoopis uut asemele teinud? Kui jah, siis ehk annaksid oma uue meiliaadressi, kuhu kirjutada? Kui ei, siis oleks armas, kui piiluksid vahelduseks oma postkasti.
    Kallid ja paid, loodan, et Sul läheb Islandil väga hästi. Seal tundub väga tore ja ilus olevat. Lausa kadestus tuleb peale! Hoia ennast ja jätka blogimist samas vaimus. Su blogi ja sissekanded on lausa sõltuvusttekitavad! :D

  27. Being homeless in Iceland must have been terrifying, but I'm glad you're getting settled in and seeing the positive in it all.

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  29. That's great that you don't dwell on the negatives :) Beautiful photos! I hope everything continues to get better.

  30. ah, i want to visit iceland so badly! it's better to concentrate on the positive things and i hope that you're enjoying every moment to the fullest! xx

  31. Amazing photos!

  32. i cannot imagine how scary it must have been, but you've been through it and wow, you're positive as ever! i'm a new reader and i absolutely adore and love love your photography. in fact i think you've inspired me to actually work towards my goal of getting myself a camera (i've been iffy on this considering dslr's are expensive and it's difficult to find good film developers here)! hihi

  33. I turned 23 this week too! So, happy birthday, babe! :))
    You are so creative and inspiring! I simply love you and your blog! I really admire how you follow your dreams and even mpve to another country, which is something I want to do someday too!
    I wish you all the luck in the world! :)


  34. so in love with these pictures!! <3 you're so talented.
    I hope you're doing better now.. and happy belated birthday :-)
    Maria xx

    diamonds aren't forever

  35. Sera que faltan especialistas o buena gestion

  36. Your picture quality is really good. You take good photos, nice style.

  37. Amazing photos! I love what you do with your camera, truly amazing <3

  38. Do you have Instagram? :)

  39. i really love this post ! pics are amazing !
    new post

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. you and your blog are lovely! especially i love your landscape photos, oh, i wish could also visit iceland sometime soon!

  42. beautiful you and the always :)

  43. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read.

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