Thursday, March 20, 2014

The crackle of their fragile wings

Just before it started snowing again I managed to photograph my newest addition to my wardrobe. I'm not easily impressed by clothes, mostly because everything on the stands today I can pretty much sew myself. But creating a marshmallow of a bag like this is a nut I'm sure not able to crack. So as a sucker for rucksacks I welcome this little fellow into my colorful family of bags. And it has become a bit of a tradition for me to mix and match some of my older photographs into my posts since they seem to be so lonely and sad just sitting on my hard drive. So just before flying to Iceland I decided to revisit my favorite places all over Estonia and of course the gorgeous flamingos in Tallinn Zoo were on the top of my list. I just love the delicacy of these feathery balls of fluff and let's be honest, it seems like I have fallen head first into their amazing color palette. So without further ado I really hope you like the pictures and be sure to tell me what you think. :)

Enne veel kui kevad ootamatult sellise lumisema pöörde võttis jõudsin ma pildile püüda oma garderoobi kõige luksuslikuma uustulnuka. Kui riided mind enamasti ei köida, sest suurema osa poelettidel saadavast oskan ka ise enda väikeste kätega valmis õmmelda, siis ühe korraliku seljakotiga ma juba naljalt hakkama ei saaks. Seega tervitan avasüli oma uut sõberit ja soovin talle jõudu tulevasteks aastateks, sest nagu kõik mu ülejäänud piinatud ja kaltsuks kantud kotid juba teavad, ei saa just kerge olema. Tegelikult on see postitus üks paras megamiks uutest ja vanadest fotodest, sest enne Islandile sõitmist otsustasin ma kõik oma maailmalemmikasjad veel viimast korda üle vaadata ja otseloomulikult kuulus nimekirja ka Tallinna loomaaia flamingoperekond. Pealegi tundus, et need sulelised vahukommid sobivad siia postitusse nagu valatult, sest oleksin justkui pea ees nende imeõrna värvipaletti kukkunud. Lasengi teid nüüd pilte uudistama ja nagu ikka, olge tublid mu hiirekesed :)

(I used CanonEOS 600D and 50mm lens for the photographs)
(Rose rucksack, dress, boots from, coat is vintage)
MTNS - Lost Track of Time


  1. Piękna jesteś <3
    Śliczna stylizacja :))

  2. oh, the bag is lovely, i just love all the grafea rucksacks and satchels! and your photos are dreamy as always:-) xx

    1. I agree with you a hundred percent! Grafea rucksack are the royalty of bags :)
      Thank you so much!

  3. I love your photos but I always wonder how you take them, I guessed you had a tripod and a remote but it seems a bizarre thing to set up in the street and pose? Regardless I always look forward to your posts, such lovely colours and great composition!

    Hope the sun comes out again soon for you :)


    1. Haha, thank you so much!
      Whenever I get the chance I ask someone to help me out (my friends or my dear mom even) but most of the time I'm on my own and believe me I have set up shop in more awkward places than the street. Honestly you just get used to it... okay, that was a lie. It can get quite embarrassing when people are walking by and I'm standing there taking photos of myself. And believe me I've gotten some pretty uncomfortably long stares from people, but I just try to brush it off. Besides it helps that I live on far side of town so there's not much people around and I think my neighbors have just gotten used to me :)

    2. Hehe I can imagine people are curious, well I'm glad you do it because I always come away from your blog feeling inspired, a lovely break from constantly looking at graphic design stuff for my degree course. Congratulations on signing off from your fashion one by the way :)

  4. Woooaaaw, I can imagine why you love this bag so much! :)))

  5. Kas sa saaksid paljastada oma saladuse, kuidas sa oma juuksed NII VALGEKS ja ilusaks saad? Mu enda juuksed on ka plaatinablondid, aga no ei ole ikka nii valged. Millist juuksevärvi sa kasutad? :)

    1. Ei ole üldse saladus. Värvina kasutan juba aastaid Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Creme C10 Frosty Silver Blond'i. Nad siin vahepeal hoolega vahetasid pakendeid ja tädikeste pilte, aga toon on alati C10-ks jäänud. See on senimaani ainuke värv, mis jääb enamvähem selline nagu ma tahaks - ühesõnaga mitte liiga kollane ja mitte liiga hall. Samas nagu blondide toonidega ikka kestab ilus toon heal juhul nädala ja hakkab siis vaiksel tuhmimaks ja kollakamaks muutuma, seega kui viitsimist ja raatsimist oma juukseid veel kiusata, siis on alati hea värvimiste vahel neid hõbešhampooniga veidi turgutada. :)

      panen lingi ka kaasa, siis on ehk lihtsam poes otsida.

  6. So beautiful, I love that bag, the little bit of pink just makes it. I have a habit of leaving photos on my computer too, especially if they don't really go with anything <3

    The Quirky Queer

  7. love the look, these pictures are so dreamy and i adore the rucksack, it's so pretty
    xx ish

  8. Super cool outfit
    and nice pics too

  9. Your photos are brilliant. I am in love with the one with the flamingos, it's one of the best I've ever seen!

  10. adore your entire outfit + the bag! even in photographs it looks so soft and marshmallow-y. love, love your photos as usual : )

  11. Lovely blog. When I post my photos on my blog they appear a smaller size...what do you do to keep the size of the photo on the blog? Is it to do with the template?

  12. You look lovely,great backpack! :)

  13. Kerti, this is a really beautiful blogpost.
    Everything fits together, picture to picture and clothes to clothes. As already mentioned in comments before, your hair fits so perfectly. Your love to pastel colors is very obvious and visual. They give your outfit a unique touch of femininity.

  14. Beautiful photos and awesome bag!

  15. Flamingos look wonderful <3 I loooove your photos :))
    I like the rucksack too, it's so cute, all pastel and practical :)

  16. Matches your (gorgeous) hair and flamingos! Bingo! :)

  17. What a gorgeous lady! I enjoyed the lightness of the pics. You look like a girl many boys fall in love with :)

  18. I love your haircolor and this frozen, cold effect on the photos :)

  19. omg *________*
    amazing photos!

  20. That bag is perfect for you always such lovely photographs I love how you mixed the flamingos into the photo mix.

  21. tervitus. Mulle meeldib oma töö. Kui sul on raske, siis ma tahaks praktiseerida eesti keelt. Ma elan Tallinnas ja ma vajan seda. Kui te ei ole raske sooviksin vestelda.

  22. I've loved you blog since you started it some years ago.
    It is simply beautiful. So are you, your art and the pictures you take.

  23. You have a beautfil blog, with amazing photos :) I'm in love with this space :))

    Sweet Love,

  24. you are a magician with a camera instead of a wand and with the looks of a faerie...

  25. I still wear the coat I ordered three years back at & still in very good condition.

  26. I love the light in these photos (and thee lovely dress) :)

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