Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pretty flower in a vase !

Make-up is inspired by Alice Underground music video. Although mine doesn't look anything like
Avrils, but ohwell. I tried. :)
I used Canon EOS400D and 50mm lens, tripod and Photoshop CS4. Enjoy !


  1. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! i really love your hair, and in that second photo, you remind me of Lady Gaga!

  2. You are so beautiful!I love you make-up i think you have done it good :3 and you really draw very very well. I love your style!
    Bye :)

  3. Hey,
    I came across your blog from and I am obsessed with your hair color! I'm never satisfied with my blond. What do you do to it/what do you use?!

  4. you are so beautiful ! i'm so jealous. and love your style ♥ !

  5. ma ei kannata inimesi, kes vähe sellest et nad on surmavalt ilusad, oskavad veel hästi joonistada, teha superilusaid pilte ning õmmelda ka. aitäh, mu ego on täiesti nullitud. :((((

  6. look just great...i saw that Tee at NY...and i was thinking about it...and it looks grat on you...and i like your make-up too=)

  7. Zoe: Haha, you're not the first person to say that I look a bit like Gaga with my new hair. But thank you ;D

    Diane: Thank you so much ! :)

    britt427: I use the cheapest colors I can find and hope for the best :D I recommend Palette intensive color creme Arctic Blond (C10) by Schwarzkopf. :)

    Youri Lam: Thank you!

    lilly: I appreciate it :)

    mirjam: Haha. No päris nii ka nüüd ei ole :D Suured tänud :P

    Freshion: Thankies ! :P

  8. your look are amazing

    you are so beautiful

    follow me, please :)
    god job

  9. Can you make a tutorial how you style your lashes? They look so great! ♥♥
    I love your outfits they're so.. wow I don't know they make me speechless :)

  10. Minu arvates võiksid sa iga päev selline välja näha ^^

  11. These pictures are stunning and I love your make-up, I was wondering do you edit your eyes in the photos? ♥

  12. Omg... You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen ! And I'm in love with your photos & clothes/accessories ♥.
    You're so inspiring !

    Bye, keep on rockin' ! xxx

  13. HI! I love your pics and you are so graceful and talent. Congrat! kisses from Brazil

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