Friday, January 14, 2011

And the devil's got a fresh new place to play. / ASK ME ANYTHING!

Since I get so many emails and comments every day with all sorts of questions and I rarely get a chance to reply to them all, I've decided to dedicate a whole post (if not several) to answering them. So if you have any questions or requests, leave them in the comments below! Can't wait to read them !:)

(I used 2b pencil, pen, watercolors and PhotoshopCS3 for the illustration)

Just a big ball of cozy!
I've been hopelessly ill these past few weeks so it's been hard to get all glamorous when your nose is always running and you cough like a 80-year-old man. So I haven't had the chance to get all dolled up (that also explains the lack of outfit post lately), but I've been wearing a lot of oversized cadigans, sweaters and jeans(!!!) (I hate wearing pants, but sometimes -20c can make you reconsider). So here are some photographs for you guys. I'm wearing a studded oversized cardigan from Coiincos, skinny jeans from NewYorker, boots from NSking, black tank and a scarf from Reserved. As I said - nothing special, just a big ball of cozy!

"God bless the daylight, the sugary smell of springtime."
Since I can't really smell anything at the moment except for my nasal spray, I thought I'd photograph some of my all time favorite perfumes for you guys.. just for the fun of it. So here they are - very sweet, very sugary scets. So if you want to smell like a delicious cookie then these are the ones to get. Enjoy! :)

( I used CanonEOS 400D and 50mm lens for the pictures )
The Shins - New Slang


  1. Kust need Hello Kitty spreid pärit on?

  2. Great outfit!! I think the jeans look really great on you and I love the scarf!

  3. Well actually I have 2 questions :D

    1) Do you die your hair yourself or get it dyed by a professional? I'm asking this cuz I have the same hair color and I'm tired of going to the hair saloon.

    2) I love how you edit your photos. Could you please give us some clues about how to edit photos

    Thanks already :)

  4. Beautiful photos as usual! :) Is English your second language? You speak it so well! xoxo

  5. Aw those pictures are so beautiful !
    I'd like to know how you begin with the drawings you make, do you draw them out of your head or
    from a picture ?

    and I also like to know how you edit the color and little glitters in your photo's. Absolutely awesome !


  6. I love your eyes.. they're so beautiful! But your eyecolour looks always so diffrent, what is your real Eyecolour? :)

  7. So lovely pictures!!
    And I also have some questions:
    How do you make your pictures so magically beautiful?
    Do you make those spots and dots on your pictures yourself, or the camera does them ?
    Can you please teach me a bit, how to design photos, like you do? :)

  8. I'd love to know how do you edit your pictures into this perfect shade and how you add little cute glitters. I think you use Photoshop, but could you do a tutorial?

  9. Oh your photos are so awesome:) Could you do a tutorial? How can I get the photos so white and light?

  10. Kuidas Sa oma armsaid lokke teed? :)

  11. hi ! i just have one question for a long time. how do you proccess your photos? i mean what efects do you use for them ?

  12. Uuuh I see there are a lot of questions about how I edit my photos - I'm already planning to make a tutorial, so there is no need to repeat the question :P
    Ask me something else! Make it interesting :D


  13. Some are not fashion related, but i wanna ask it tough (:
    What would you do if you had only 24 hours to live?
    And what's your try-before-you-list?
    Which countries have you been to?
    Which blogs do you follow?
    Who's your fashion icon?
    What's you favourite & brand?
    Who's you favourite fashion designer?

    Sorry for the many questions ;D


  14. Love your cardi :) You look gorgeous !!!

    Whats you fav blogs?!
    Your favourite model?
    Countries you would like to visit?
    The best experience ever?
    How was your childhood?
    Do you have pets?
    Maybe you want to show us some photos of your friends,family or your favourite people out there :)

  15. do you have lash extensions ?

  16. Maybe you can teach us drawing? Your pics are so cool. Room-post will be nice, show us something in your room. Do you live at home, with your parents? It will be nice to see your school, drawings and Eesti, of course!

  17. Hey :)
    I wanted to ask what is your biggest inspiration? And where do you find this awesome music? :D

  18. Great outfit ! Since you have so many readers, do you get lots of "hate mail" or "negative comments" ? And if you do, how do you react to them ? And do you travel /where ? :)

  19. Great photos!
    How many years old does your Canon have?

  20. Как ты обрабатываешь фотографии? Поделись, пожалуйста;)))

  21. your cardigan with studs is so cute!


  22. I've just bought nikon D3000 and still have no idea how to use it efficiently,like how to blur background. it's already blur but not as much as I expected (as yours). Do I only have to buy new len??which one should I buy??

    Hope you can help me with thisTT

    Thanks you so much in advance
    Love your blog<3

  23. I love your blog so much!!! You are interesting person and i have a lot of questions!! Tell about yourself! And the most important how you make your photos so special?


    You are welcome to visit my blog :))

  24. hi,
    I wondered if you could make a tutorial, how to edit photos like that, and my next question was where you shop the most. Nice that you do this kind of asking thing :)

  25. Do you have blue eyes? or what's your eyecolour?

  26. Ah so much to ask!! :O
    How do you get your hair looking so amazing everyday?
    What do you do to your photos to make them almost glizzen?
    Do you have a job?
    When starting off your blog, how did you get people to become interested?

    Your artwork is incredible!

  27. hi! I live in Brazil and follow your blog! I am impressed with your photos .. Finally, there is going to
    question. Where do you get all this inspiration to photograph and use the clothes?

  28. kas see seppälä marshmallow'i lõhn on hiljuti ostetud? kui on, siis milisest seppäläst täpsemalt? :)

  29. - what is your favourite perfume?
    - do yo uhave any tattoos or are you thinking of getting any?
    - what is your iq?
    - what is your grade average in school?
    - how did you get your hair so white? i've been trying for so long and it just stays yellow-ish.. :(
    - what are your morning routines?
    - give a tip: how to stay energized and inspired through the day? :)

  30. Hiiii! :D
    UR really nice Kerti ;)
    i've a question for u, which effect do u use on your photos with photoshop?

  31. Ohmymymymy. another lovely post !
    My question is, how do you edit your photos to look they way they do with the purples, pinks, and those colors?
    So gorgeous ! <3

  32. What is your height and weight ?
    Do you color your hair yourself or go to the salon? What products you/they use? What products you use for hair care?

  33. I love that cardigan cute embellishments! so adorable, as usual photo's are stunning! you hair is to die for!

  34. Once again, beautiful photos. I'd love to see one of these photos before you edit it !

    Some other questions:
    - What exactly do you want to do with your career in graphic design? What would be your dream job?

    - Do you have a partner?

    - Do you have a part time job whilst you study?

    - When did you realise you wanted to do graphic design?

    Thanks Kerti x

  35. Hey! I'm from brazil and I really really really wanna know how you make your hair. I mean the baby-liss process! I've tried to do it myself but i really cant =/ Can you teach me?
    xoxo, Julia

  36. Hi there! I had always wondered how you did the wavy type hair you have been doing in recent posts. I have tried and it's just about impossible for me to figure it out. 8( could you do a video or something to show how you do it?

  37. Hello there! I'm drop dead curious of how you edit your pictures! the colors and the combination are awesome! and do you take your portraits yourself?

  38. think that your blog is going to be as much popular as you become famouse and some magazines(from IT magazines to fashion ones) how do you feel then ?

  39. well actually I have three questions:

    1) Do you use Photoshop-Achtions to edit your pictures?
    2) If you do, which are your favorites and where can I download them?
    3) I love your outfits! Where do you get your inspiration?

    xx, Leonie

  40. And not one question about her mindblowingly awesome red-haired best friend! C'mon guys! :D

  41. Hi! My questios are: have you ever been in Finland? (if you are tell about it :) and how much you understand finnish? and Which languages can you speak?

  42. I have had a challenge in my blog in which my readers have told what their favorite blogs are and you know what? Your blog is one of them!

    Look here for the list:

  43. your photos are always so magical.

    Is your hair naturally wavy or do you curl it?

  44. tsaukii !! ma loodan, et pole probleeme lugejatele küsimuste tõlkimisega, sest esitan küsimused eesti keeles ;)
    1) Mis erialal sa Tartu Kunstikoolis õpid? Kuna sa otsustasid, et tahad sinna õppima minna?
    Küsin sest ise kaalusin see aasta sinna õppima tulla. Aga kuna endal puudub vastav kunstianne (selline oma stiil, omapärane, jne üldse maalimisanne vms) ja sinna sisse ei oleks saanud puhtalt moe(stilisti)huviga, siis plaan jäi katki. Äkki oskad mulle midagi soovitada? Peale gümnaasiumit huvitaks mind ehk siiski proovida...
    2) Kelleks sa saada tahad?
    no, polnud just kõige loomingulisemad küsimused, aga loodan näha sinu vastuseid neile :)

    - Kai Liis

  45. where did you get that bag from?

  46. First of all i'd like to say that i LOVE your blog.
    And I have a few questions:
    - how do you edit your photos? they look amazing!
    - do you curl your hair everyday or is this your natural hair?
    - is this your natural hair colour?


  47. fantastic blog:)follow you,follow me????

  48. You look amazing as always!! :D

    I have one question
    How did you do these blue-red effect on photos?

  49. Hi! I just like to say that I follow your blog and love it. Moreover, your ideas have helped me many times. This space is perfect!
    Beijos :)

    Thaís Pabis from Brazil.

  50. love it your blog!is perfect!
    GabrielaKat from Brazil

  51. Beautiful photos! I adore your hair!! And the necklace is so cute! I hope you feel better soon! When I get a cold, I also sound like a 80 year old man, haha. xoxoxoxo

  52. 1. Have you ever been in Finland? :)

  53. I saw that in older post u had a very beautiful makeup! Can u do a makeup tutorial?
    Thanks, xoxo

  54. Hello Kerti, I love your blog. You are a inspiration for me. I have questions to do for you.

    1. How do you do your makeup?

    2. Can you make a tutorial learning how you do your makeup?

    3. How do you put the butterflies on the picture using Photoshop cs3?

    4. Do you do your rings?

    5. Can you teach for us how you do your rings?

    Thank's Kerti. I wait for the answers. Ans thank's again if you answer the question.

  55. I can't think of any questions but I do love this post! I always love your photoshop colouring and everything, so magical <3

    Get well soon,

  56. i love your taste in music! get better soon :)


  57. oh man! i think I won't get through this long,long,long list of questions. 1. question.. or well.. it's a proposition come to Poland. We all love you, especially the northeast part :) describe us your tipical day. xoxo

  58. I love your style and your blog!
    You have a new follower ;D

  59. I actually do have questions about your hair:
    - how long did it take to grow it that long?
    - or do you have extensions?
    - did you ever had short hair? have pictures of it ; )?
    - what is your real haircolor?

    thx for answering, <3 your blog!

  60. First of all I want to say that you are one of those people who has a good reason to open a blog... a talent like you should be proud to share these with us. Until this I always thought there was drawing...painting and visual photoshop art... but you combi those and I never knew that, thank you.

    Myself love to draw and paint to, but sadly I'm not that good as you do and I also don't have time from work to make time for drawing and so.

    What I wanna ask you think anyone can draw or paint if they really want it or if they make time for it? I'm always afraid that later maybe I'll forget to paint or draw again.

    Thanks for this and keep the good work ")

  61. you're totally beauty and I would love to see some photos before you edit them! :)
    looking forward to the tutorial:)

  62. Juba ootan seda postitust, küsimused-vastused postitused on nii toredad :)
    1. Milliseid sarju sa vaatad? Mis on su lemmiksari ja lemmikfilm?
    2. Kas sul on õdesi/vendi?
    3. Kus linnas sa Eestis tahaksid kõige meelsamini elada ja miks?

  63. Присоединяюсь ко всем, кто с нетерпением ждет урок по обработке фотографий, а также хочу спросить: Какие иллюстраторы или дизайнеры вдохновляют тебя? :)

  64. kust sa kuldsed needid said? kas minust pildi joonistaksid ? :D

  65. ohhhhhh
    i love your blog
    u ''ve amazing talent.
    you are AMAZING

  66. I got a question for you.

    I wanted to ask you, how you did this hairstyle?,show,1,b01fcd33a593277dfb3f033e7545577de691fe8c,2

  67. Seesamunegi, mul otseselt küsimust ei ole, aga ma tahtsin teada anda, et mingi jobu Photobucketis end võõraste sulgedega ehtida ja lisas oma nime alt sinu foto mingile võistlusele, kus see nüüdseks on saavutanud teise koha.
    Tüüp nimetab end sinuks sellel pildil, kuigi ta kontol on veel teisi pilte, mis ilmselgelt näitavad, et ta pole absoluutselt sinu moodi. Nõme, kui niimoodi teiste töid röövitakse :S

  68. Oihh, mu lausestus läks veidi kummaliseks, kuid sa saad ilmselt mu jutu poindile pihta ;)

  69. You look so amazing!


  70. I have two questions for you :)
    1) what program do you use to edit your adorable photos?
    2) How to you add those shiny sparkles and red colour? It looks amazing.

  71. Hey there!
    you have a fabulous blog!
    i love your style of being, you are so cute and cheerful!
    I always smile when I see your photo;)
    you're amazing!

    my questions are:
    -is it your natural hair colour?
    -how do you edit you photos?
    - what do you exactly study ? tell me some more!
    - have you ever been in Poland?;)

    i'm only beginner blogger, feel free to visit!^^

  72. maybe can U show your cosmetics which you use every day?
    AND where do U keep your cosmetics?

  73. Oh you always look so sweet like taken from a fairytale :)

  74. love this post!! my question is...
    how do you edit your photos? i see that you use photoshop, but what effects do you use in it?

  75. Gorgeous pictures! Your hair and eye make up looks so amazing. Love the scarf as well.

  76. You look absolutely stunning!

  77. Gorgeous pictures! You look stunning.
    xoxo irene

  78. Hi Kerti, Thank you so much for your comment on my blog the other day. It really cheered me up.

    I have changed my blog layout now and it isn't using the picture anymore. Instead I am using the photo of you in you ruffle floral dress. I hope you like it! Again, please let me know if you'd rather I didn't use your photo.

    Thank you :)
    Abby x

  79. I have only one question :)
    1. I love your style. Where do you get your inspiration?

  80. gorgeous pictures
    loving all of them

  81. Cool photos, love the filter you've used.

    d x

  82. Hi, Kerti) I`m just an artist and i want to ask you a question- how can i promote my artwork?) Thank you)

  83. Great post! I absolutely love your hair. It's so pretty. You look fantastic & comfy cozy in your outfit. I hope you feel better soon!!

    Kirstin Marie

  84. Hi Kerti !
    I just wanna know how you take the video "off" you're youtube songs in your blog.
    Just love your blog, thumbs up from Denmark!

  85. Hellooo, Your blog is amazing and you're freaking beautiful. :)
    Someone is posting your pictures on tumblr with no credits. :/

  86. My question is: How are you today? :)

  87. My Question: How do you do your makeup??
    You are so beautiful:)

  88. Your blog is amazing! It has given me so much inspiration to improve and work on my blog.

    My questions:
    How do you usually edit your photos? and do you use a tripod to take most of your photos (of yourself) or do you have someone take them?

    Again, I love your blog so much! :)

  89. your hair! How do you get it that amazing colour without damaging it? aaaand any other bleach blonde tips you have? I'm struggling with mine.

  90. Hey, Where did you get this beautiful watch ?
    Is it a "Ice-Watch" ( )? :)

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