Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So you took a chance and made other plans.

One of my new year's resolutions was actually to post more on my blog. So this is me trying to post every other day, hmm.. it's been 6 days since my last post, yeaa good job Kerti ! Well I've been home sick for a few days now, so I kind of have an excuse..?
Well anyways, I don't know about you guys, but I have always been the person who was never really big on "statement jewellery" - you know, bling as big as your eyeballs and shinier than a stainless steel kitchen, but this gorgeousness from Lindex has completely changed my mind. I think heavy-looking jewellery like this would go perfectly with something delicate like a sheer button-up or a lace shirt. So I hope you enjoy these photographs and be sure to tell me what you think! :)

“Home is where you can say anything you please, because nobody pays any attention to you anyway”

People say that a room can say a lot about a person, so.. what to you think my room says about me? Well except the fact that I have the biggest collection of silly mugs and that I should reallly do some cleaning - I mean look at that dusty lamp, aah and I'm pretty sure there's someone or something living under my bed.

And a quick outfit.
Jeans from seppälä, lace blouse from Iwearsin.com, boots from NewYorker.
(I used CanonEOS 400D and 50mm lens for the pictures)

I also wanted to share this short film about a photographer called Scott Schumann and his blog
The Sartorialist. ( http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com ) Enjoy!


  1. Ilusad pildid nagu alati :) Kena liblikaga sõrmus on sul viimasel pildil!

  2. such stunning photos darling. i love them all. and you're so talented!
    love your drawings.
    hope you're having a good beginning of the week


  3. like your outfit :) nice watch! and cute things on your room

  4. I love your blog! You have Seppälä in Estonia too? :) Greetings from Finland! Terveisiä Suomesta!

  5. oh i love your drawings,you are so talented Kerti.
    I love your room,it's full of different,colorful details with all specific stuff that describe you.
    Love your jeans and rings ^^
    I really appreciate man behind The Sartorialist! :]

  6. Love the pics and your outfit is awsome!

  7. I absolutely love you drawings !!!
    Do you draw them out of your head or do you use something to keep the lines so smooth ?
    And how do you begin with them
    (sorry for the bad grammar)

  8. oh poor you,
    Hope you feel better soon :)
    Love your outfit! And your photographs are adorable!

  9. I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and i'm truly loving it :) you're very pretty and i like your style!

  10. I love you! that's all I can say, beauti!!

  11. According to your room i think you're a very organized person, calm and relaxed, and creative of course :)

  12. toa järgi meeldib sulle juua sooje jooke - kakao, tee, kohv.. võib-olla mitte kohv, sest kohviplekke pole kusagil märgata. koristamiseks on arusaadavalt liiga kiire, sest sul on vaja teha kunsti(mis on kuhjas - palju palju kunsti!). valgus on teretulnud - suur aken ja 2 lampi (pluss eeldatavalt on mõni laes ja mõni ''sellel'' või ''millel'' voodi all). kahtlemata on tegemist praktilise inimesega, kes hindab kõrgelt ka mittepraktiliste esemete väärtust. üle kõige on märgata, et oled armastüdrukulik tüdruk, kes kuulab ilusat muusikat ja kellele meeldivad naeratused ja kõik muu ilus. millegipärast ei eelda, et läpakas sisaldab õudukaid. mälestused ja nostalgia on samuti kõrgelt hinnatud. aga võibolla mulle lihtsalt tundub..

  13. tough loser:

    See oli nii armsasti kirjutatud ja läks täiesti täppi kusjuures! Aitäh:)

  14. Your photos are always so stunning!! :D

    Love Ellen

  15. the short on Scott Schumann was so enjoyable. thanks for sharing :)

  16. Много мыслей, что не могу выразить их на английском.
    Интересное видео. Спасибо.
    Загадочно- красивые фотографии.
    я без ума от твоей кружевной кофточки)
    Очень таинственна обработка, но замечательна)
    О , это кольцо-бабочка, просто моя мечта:)
    Я тоже веду свой блог, правда я его только начала, но перспективы огромны, посмотрите пожалуйста, буду рада. BONI:)


  17. Vau, nii pikk postitus ja ilusad pildid. Kaelakee, paar pilti loodusest, tuba, outfit ja video. Mulle meeldib! :) Ja see on väga tore, et Sa plaanid tihedamini postitusi teha.

  18. I think you're a very organized person when I look at your room :)
    I have a question for you too because I would reaaaaaly like to know how you get your pictures they way you have them. The colour, the bubbles, it's so pretty! Is it a program you use or is it your camera?
    I really love your blog, you're amazing :)


  19. lovely pictures, love how your drawing looks. Your Outfit picture is beautiful, the shirt suits you so great! xXx bisous!

  20. I do love that necklace :) Your green mug is so cute too!

  21. Kerti, to tell you the truth. bed (and rather its condition in which you leave it every day) tells everything about the person that sleep in it. whether is is cosy, clean, bright colours etc. so, give us a picture of you bed entirely:) be shure I love your way of style. Your a kind of my diva which is rare thing to say :P Weronika Wiktoria from EastPoland

  22. damn. it is my sister's google's account.

  23. lovely photos. your room looks wonderful.


  24. i think your room says your an expressive person :) love the photos btw!

  25. I love your pictures, they are amazing! You've got a big talent.

    By Änna

  26. Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to get into the swing of blogging again. LOVE your room by the way, it is beautiful x

  27. i am so in love with your photos. absolutely adore the pink touch in all the pictures.

    your room is perfectly fine haha! Or maybe it's your photo skills?! I wish I had time and space for flowers and deco like that.

    oh and i nearly forgot: the necklace is really awesome. I don't wear necklaces but it looks lovely on you so I might try as well some time.


  28. http://lihavapupu.blogspot.com/2011/01/te-tiedatte.html
    Viimeinen mahdollisuus osallistua mukaan!

  29. i;m your fan.
    you;re so beautiful girl
    i love all of your pic.
    & outfits.
    u rock


  30. Sul on nii armsad postitused :)
    Ja kust pärinevad su sõrmused?

  31. Wow love the video, beautiful pictures, Very talented. Izzy x x x


  32. So this has been bugging me for ages...
    What program do you use, what kinds of post processing do you do, etc? Please go into detail, i love the editing you do!

  33. Hi Kerti! I love all your photos,they are so gorgeous. I just wanted to show you something I drew the other day, from one of your photos!


  34. Amo tu blog! me encantan tus fotos! son las mejores (: y vos, sos muy linda :)
    espero que sigas asi sacandote fotitos cn estos estilos >.< sos modelo? mmm seguramente si n__n
    en fin, besos! y saludos :)

  35. you have fantastic photos. They edit in Adobe Photoshop? you have the action for this effect? Please help:) thx
    please writte me on my blog ♥

    lilycutiedreams.blogspot.com ♥

    thx you so much baby :-*

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