Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heaven knows, it's got to be this time! / Make-up routine / Spring favorites!

I've been feeling like a SIMS charater all week. Seriously.. I see the little green icons over people's heads and the little idicators, huh perhaps it's because I've been having trouble sleeping so my head has started playing tricks on me. But hey, I'm not complaining.. on the contrary! So whoever is sitting behind the computer screen and moving my little avatar - yay for you! And just to illustrate the situation and how I've been seeing things - I made this funny little selfportrait thingy magingy. The photograph is actually a frame from a tiny animation project for school, which I still haven't finished yet, but I think I might buy a large canvas tomorrow and make this sillyness into a painting. Oh and the T-shirt that I'm wearing is from - which is a little online store that has the most awesome T-shirt designs ever. Can't wait to post more pictures, but in the meanwhile you can just enjoy the rest of this post, it's gonna be a long one! Oh and be sure to leave me a comment telling me what you think ;)

Hong Kong Garden: Siouxsie and the Banshees

"Back up your troubles in your old kit bag!"
Yay, new brushes(so soooft!!!) and I also found my long lost house keys! I say things are looking up!

"The mask I polish in the evening, by the morning looks like shit."
I've gotten a lot of questions about my make-up, so I thought I'd do this little post and show you the products I use pretty much everyday, also if you're interested in some kind of a skin care routine, than just let my know in the comments below.

- FACE -
foundation - NIVEA Ideal Finish (02 nude) / powder - Manhattan soft mat loose powder (01 natural) / fluffy brush from Lindex.

I was actually breaking my back, trying to find a light pink blush like this, and than one day I saw this pretty little thing in a random food store and it was on sale, so I got it for like 2 euros, yay!
blush - Vera Valenti(color 2)/ brush from Lindex.

- EYES -
Eyeshadow - Carlo di Roma nude palette and Vanity Fair duo from h&m / mascara - Vera Valenti (black) / eyeliner - Artdeco liquid eyeliner (nr.1 black) / brush from Lindex.

- LIPS -
Lipstick - Artdeco / lip balm - NIVEA pink sugar.

- Early spring FAVORITES -
"god bless the daylight, the sugary smell of springtime"

I can already feel the warmth of spring in the air, altough it was just snowing this morning. But I know that it's just a few weeks away - so i've been trying to get into the groove of things and shake this winter depression off. I always like to start with the little things - like changing up my perfume! My all time favourite spring/summer scent is this Mallorca girl from seppälä, uuh I can't even begin to explain how much I love-love-love this smell! For me it's like a little time machine, cause I pretty much go back to this perfume every spring/summer, so it always reminds me of the best times. It's also a really great dupe for Davidoff "happy summer" fragrance. So if you don't feel like spending a lot, you can just grab for the Mallorca girl./ Oh and I made this illustration last summer and it was actually inspired by the scent of Mallorca girl. (I used pen and photoshopCS3)

I also like to change up my nail polish. I'm not really ready for those bright-neon colors yet, but just lighter ones. So instead of my usual black or dark blue, I use light grey or white. I've also been obsessed with little tangly bracelets and re-discovering old jewellery.

/ Light grey nailpolish from H&M, butterfly ring is vintage/ bracelet is self-modified: I just took a bunch of little charms I had lying around and attached them on this little silver chain which was a gift from a friend :)

"something old, something new,
something borrowed and something blue"
As mentioned earlier -  I simply adore rediscovering my old jewellery and all things vintage!

Also looking like a little treehugger! Loose curls, florals and a wavy linen shirt - all that's missing is a floral headband and you're ready to catch those butterflies! / Shirt from, floral skirt from NewYorker and thrifted necklace.

"Old habits die hard"
I have this stupid habit ofe purchasing items for spring in the middle of blazing winter. So here are some items I got a few weeks back, that I haven't been able to wear yet, but sooooon (!!). / Black studded dress from Zara, white printed tunic is thrifted and my mums straw hat which is vintage.

( I used CanonEOS 400D and 50mm lens for the pictures)
I hope this post wasn't too long and boring!
New Order-Ceremony


  1. I really really loved this post :) you're so cute!

  2. I absolutely love the drawing! I wish I could do the things you do in Photoshop..amazing!!

  3. I really enjoyed this :) your style is so girly, which I love and your editing skills are amazing! I would love if you did a post on how you edit your photos, they're incredible.

    Love from your inspired fan xx

  4. i love the 5th to last photo
    and i love all the tones!!!


  5. Hi there :)

    Love your blog! I recently posted a link to it on my interior design blog, writing (in swedish) that you take wonderful fairytale-like pictures, a true source of inspiration!! Hope you have a great day//Petronella

  6. väga hea lauluvalik.. Marie Antoinette soundtrack.. ♥♥

  7. Your blog is always so inspiring and cool :)

  8. Hy, I am increasingly convinced that your blog and your photos are the best! ahahah that cute sim

    kiss kiss <3

  9. Oh, i love this^_^

  10. Su stiil on väga armas ja omapärane . Ja ei saa rääkimata seda kui hästi sa joonistad , kadeduseuss tuleb kindlasti paljusid kimbutama kui sinu tehtud töid näeb ! ;) Vägaväga meeldib sinu blogi ! *thuumbs up*

  11. Nice Blog and posts! I love those Nivea/labello li balms. Have a great time!

  12. Luv your blog♥ But do you apply those little lights on the pictures, and if you do, how?

  13. Nii vahva postitus, nii palju fotosid, nii hea muusika, nii ilusad riided - ma olen viamustuses, braavo! :)

  14. great post! :)
    loveeeely girl...

  15. youre so cute :) and i love this looong post!

  16. love ur post!!!


  17. Kõik on ära öeldud, aga mulle meeldis ka su potitus. Jätka samas vaimus!

  18. i love your blog and your photos are so beautiful!

    i have a questions unrelated but somewhat related to the beauty part of this post i guess :)

    how do u get that wave in your hair?! haha

    xo marika

  19. I love your blog and your wonderful photos! They are epic! I'm just dying to know how you edit them, how do you do the 'red light' thing and the dots? is it a ps brush you use? :)

    Take care!


  20. hi super blog ;) invite you to my blog ;*

  21. su blogi on niiii super ja need pildid on lihtsalt üliilusad. Kõige ilusamad, mida ma näinud olen :O :D

  22. really cool pics!love the blog!

  23. What program do you process the images? :)
    --- Mis programmiga sa töötled pilte ? :) ---

  24. How did you use Photoshop in that illustration, and what types of pens did you use?



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