Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We wear our scarves just like a noose.

I really realllllyy love my hoodie scarf, it's just so warm and cosy, and i wear it almost every day.
Oh and I decided to add a grey ribbon so that it wouldn't be so loose. Success!
These zigzag tights are from www.welovecolors.com and they arrived some time ago. I was so happy to get the package. And I want to do a fantasy-type photoshoot with these, using mirrors and masks and all that jazz, but the weather is impossible. Insanely cold and dark. Can't wait fot the winter to be over.

I used Canon EOS400D, tripod and photoshop CS3.


  1. Kiss your sweet pantyhose legs ;* So sweet you are cutie ~~ Thank you for sharing ~~ Danne

  2. your skin looks great!

    What foundation do you use?


    X L

  3. Hi! I just discover your blog, I like so much your header =)
    Btw you have a beautiful eyes!
    Take a look at my blog if you like :)

  4. okayyy miss gorgeous!
    love your style, its very chic i love it!
    i'm definetly a follower:)
    ps. you're right the ribbon is cute & useful lol


  5. wow, i'm happy you made this blog! now i'll understand what youre posting :D
    so you're from tartu, estonia, right? do you maybe now a lizbeth? she lives there too!

  6. hy girl i discover your blog by look book nu and i adore it!!!!!!!!!!! your pictures were amazing!!

  7. You are so cute! I love your look, have to start following your blog.

  8. Laura : I use Maybelline Wonder Finish in the shade 10ivory. :)

    Cynthia: Thank you so much !

    Blink: Haha "miss gorgeous" :D you're so sweet. Thanks :)

    steffi elina : yes, I'm from Tartu, but i don't this lizbeth girl. :)

    the little world... : Thank you !

    late : yay! :D

  9. I love your style! Amazing!


  10. I found you on lookbook and i have to say I LOVE YOUR STYLE!! I would love to become a member of lookbook, so how would I go about doing that if you don't mind?

  11. I LOVE your boots, mind if I ask where they're from? XOXO

  12. kust sa neid elušeffe pükse koguaeg välja ajad? määsssiiiiv

  13. You look amazing :). Where did you get your scarf from?

  14. you are so beautiful, and have such flawless skin (jealous!). plus the ribbon around the scarf is just too cute!

    love, jazzabelle.

  15. i am absolutely in love with your scarf
    and ive been looking for one like it forever
    where did you get it ?

  16. I love your hoodie scarf x a million :) did you make this or buy it? From where?

  17. Those tights are so cute!
    But I went to the website and I can't quite figure out whether you got them in ivory or grey. If you could let me know that would be great! Thanks! :)

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