Sunday, October 23, 2011

If cats could talk, they wouldn't.

This is the lovely kitty hat that my cutiepie of a friend Kati made for me. I think it's just so me - the fact that it's gray and has white ears and a black shiny(!) bow! Perfect! Although the one thing I don't like about this hat in that every time I see my reflection I just feel the sudden urge to tuck on the cute little kitty ears and make some god awful squeaky voice - you know the kind that young moms make when they see their baby drooling and think it's the most adorable thing in the world and when people try to talk to cute little puppies and stuff.. yeah.. that kind of voice. Riight.. anywho I hope you like the pictures and be sure to tell me what you think! And you can also find this outfit on lookbook HERE. :)

Lugu sellest kuidas Kati kudus mul üks kiisumüts ja kuidas Kerti seda nüüd eladeski peast ei võta. Uiui, no midagi nii armsat ja pehmet ja sooja võiks küll igal tublil põhjamaa inimesel kuskil kapis valmis olla, et kohe kui ilm hakkab käru keerama oleks linn kohe kiisusid täis ja pime talv oleks hoopiski pehmem. Ainult üks asi on selle mütsikes juures pisut kaheldav - nimelt iga kord kui ma oma peegeldust näen tekib mul kuri tahtmine neid nunnusid kiisukõrvakesi mudida ja tuua lagedale kõige kiledamat häält, mida üks inimkõrv taluda suudab. No teate küll.. selline hääl, mida noored emad teevad siis kui nende võsuke on armsasti radika vahele kinni jäänud või ennast maru armsasti täis ilastanud või kui inimesed (kaasarvatud mina) üritavad kutsikate või muidu loomabeebidega vestlusi maha pidada. Just nimelt selline hääl... hm aga mina lasen teid nüüd pilte vaatama ja lookbooki saab piiluda SIIT. Olge tublid mu hiirekesed! :)

( I used CanonEOS 400D and 50mm lens and Kersti for the photographs :D )
(bag and dress from, kitty hat by Kati Stimmer, necklace seppälä, boots SHU)
Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages


  1. I so love your hats I just posted my knitted & crochet hats and headband. One of them is Hello Kitty :)
    Kerti, You look absolutely gorgeous!

    xoxo Ra

  2. So cute and lovely pics as usual <3

  3. I love your hat! I have a panda one haha :) You look lovely as always!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. you look adorable! i love this look!

  5. love the hat :O its adorablee!


  6. This hat is so cute! And I could repeat it every time: I love your hair ♥

  7. the kiity hat is so cute! I really love it!

    kisses from

  8. Love this look ! And love your hair :)

  9. I found you on and I like your pictures and your blog!
    You're so cute! :)

    Cheers from Belgium! :)

  10. so cute! your hat is wonderful

  11. Love your hat it's super cute, I have a kitty ear hat to and I also make cute kitty and animal scarves


  12. You're so pretty and I LOVE your hair! ♥
    *Hyped* on LB.

  13. soo beautiful!

  14. Heey :) amazing hat... it's possible to buy this hat?

  15. lovely photos!


  16. Appi kui armas müts!!! :))

  17. So cute ; I love ure hat ! And ure outfit is amazing ! , You inspiire me x)

    Much love , Riim

  18. You look so cute! but that's no surprise! =)
    I always love your outfits!
    And that hat is so adorable!

    love, pi*

  19. You look absolutely fab in these pics, I like you style!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  20. i love your blog, you're so talented and creativ! i also love your style and your pictures!
    wonderful blog- you have a new member!
    lovely greets
    maren anita

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